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The Royal Navy during the Second World War Seamen relaxing in their mess, which is also the torpedo stowage compartment on board HMS SNAPPER.

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The Royal Navy during the Second World War Two British destroyers passing each other during flotilla

Royal Navy. Seamen in their hammocks WW2 - Stock Image

Survivor: Commander Ian Forbes was among the stricken seamen, pictured, abandoning the sinking

Fierce battle: Cdr Forbes survived the sinking of HMS Hood, a battlecruiser, pictured

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US Navy Photo

... Quest, ...

Danny Kaye, well known stage and screen star, entertains 4,000 5th Marine Div. occupation troops at ...

THE ROYAL NAVY DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR. HMS BOADICEA (H65), the British "Beagle" class destroyer, underway in coastal waters off Greenock.

Imperial War Museum Photo: HU 76078 (Part of the Ministry of Information Second World

... flat outside where the band is playing its hardest and where a few of the Wardroom cooks gather in silent appreciation we realise how age-old it all is, ...

US Navy Photo

Indian troops embarking from the cruiser HMS Kenya in a landing craft assault (LCA 346) to take over from the Royal Marines, South of Ramree, Burma.


She served in WWII and was then refitted 30 Jun 1944 to 27 Mar 1945. She visited Bermuda 3 times: Feb 1958, Jul 1959, and Feb 1962.

Canadian landings at Juno Beach.jpg

ROYAL NAVY - Home Waters, 1939 - 1) Captain, N. 5 Dress - 2) Master at Arms, N. 3 Dress - 3) Leading Seaman, N. 1 Dress.

Hellenic Merchant Marine in World War II | tovima.gr

HMAS Brisbane (II)

A and B turrets of 15 in battlecruiser HMS Hood, 1940. Only 3 of

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'The Sea Takes No Prisoners'


Royal Navy in World War 2

Another ww2 depiction of the Royal Navy, published in the Telegraph. Some of these planned battleships beared prospective names like “Temeraire”, “Lion”, ...

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Simon the cat received the Royal Navy's honors after feline performance on the HMS Amethyst

Jammed with prisoners, the German supply ship Altmark was en route back to the Fatherland

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A Royal Navy seaman onboard the HMS Richmond today keeps watch on the Russian carrier fleet

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The Abner Read. National Archives

An image of Omaha (CL–4) issued as a souvenir of her commissioning

East Indiaman Kent battling Confiance, a privateer vessel commanded by French corsair Robert Surcouf in October 1800, as depicted in a painting by Ambroise ...

Royal Navy, World War Two: Leading Wire Man, Landing Party, Home Waters

The British Blockade

Chinese sailors march pass the Russian destroyer Admiral Vinogradov berthed at the People's Liberation Army (

Merchant seamen enjoy a drink in the busy bar of the Merchant Navy club in Cardiff. All the tables are full, and two seamen are sitting at the counter.

Ex-postman Delivers the Guns- Merchant Navy Training in Britain, 1942 For the

Sailor reading in his bunk aboard USS CAPELIN at submarine base New London ...

Online Marketplace at eBid United Kingdom : Free to Bid | Free to List | Free to Enjoy. Navy DayNaval HistoryRoyal ...

Cessnock was launched by Lady Joan McNamara, wife of the Chief of Defence Force Staff

Merchant Navy HMS Vanoc takes part in an Atlantic convoy during the war in which many

Woman and child stand on dock beside a large ship.

Enlarge Nelson. Nelson. A unique account of life below decks in Nelson's ...

On 22 July she suffered a premature explosion in the barrel of Mount 51 injuring Leading Seaman ...

British CAM ship Empire Darwin

World War II at Sea: A Global History

navy uniform guidelines

Merchant Navy cargo ship SS Castlehill sank in the Bristol Channel on 2nd March 1941 after

... for the specific and exclusive purpose of carrying aircraft and so constructed that aircraft can be launched therefrom and landed thereon, and with a ...

Bing Crosby, stage, screen and radio star, sings to Allied troops at ...

No way back: Logistics Specialist Seaman Curtis Peterson, assigned to the Ticonderoga-class

Pencil jump: Sailors leap into the Arabian Sea from an aircraft elevator during a '

Britain's biggest warship set to sail under Forth Bridge | Daily Mail Online

Liberty party.

This graphic illustrates the Royal Navy's flagships and it shows that HMS Queen Elizabeth is 48,000

The Battle of Jutland reaches its 100th anniversary this year, and the National Museum of

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A Ki-21 'Sally' bomber is surrounded by spray kicked up by the

World War Two. The Navy. Film 7419

Depth charges detonate astern of HMS Starling during the Battle of the Atlantic.

Able Seaman Robert Tilburn, R.N., one of the three survivors of the sinking of the HMS Hood in 1941.

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The convoys were protected by the Royal Canadian Navy as far as Iceland, where they were to be escorted to Great Britain by the Royal Navy. The U-Boats ...

Horror of WW2 U-boat attacks on British ships captured in stark and stunning photographs


HMAS Brisbane rendezvousing with her sister ship, USS Roark, on 25 May 1971. Roark had suffered a radar defect and Brisbane was in possesion of a part ...

Left: Brisbane at sea. Right: HMAS Brisbane in Sydney Harbour, circa 1980.


AB Sam Scott, left, wears the Royal Navy's new uniform and MA Mark Jackson

... during World War II. Canadian seamen aboard the German U-190 in St. John's, Newfoundland, 1945

Sinking of USS Houston (CA-30) in the Battle of Sunda Strait,

The Royal Navy during the Second World War The battleship HMS KING GEORGE V being towed

HMAS Brisbane in dry dock in the Boston Naval Shipyard. Her commissioning day was declared 'Brisbane Day' throughout the 'Commonwealth' of Massachusetts.

Captain Werner Hartenstein of U-156 torpedoed the Laconia, but emerged as a very

Citizen Sailors: The Royal Navy in the Second World War

Painting depicts a ship travelling across the stormy waters.

Ship at sea "

At the start of WW2, 2,641 men were serving at sea in operational boats in the Royal Navy. By the war's end, 2,100 were dead. At 80% the submarine service ...

British monitor HMS Terror